Chord diagram for an F chord on guitar.

How To Play An F Chord On Guitar

October 24, 2023

If you’re relatively new to guitar and made your way through open guitar chords, you’ve probably tried your hand at barre chords. When first getting started on barre chords, a lot of new players already begin to struggle with the F chord. In this lesson, I’ll tear apart the F chord, as played in the […]

Scales And Note Finding: A Review

September 28, 2023

So part of running this site goes beyond just writing about guitar and giving some guitar tips. I run this website because I like the guitar and I like writing about it, but I also like helping people learn more about the guitar. Part of helping people learn more about the guitar is understanding what […]

Diagram of an C shape major scale on guitar.

How To Play Major Scales On Guitar

August 12, 2023

In Western music, the humble major scale is pretty much the building block of music. Yes, there are musical modes out there, but they’re better understood through major scales. Major scales form the key of a song, and ultimately, chords are built on degrees of a scale. While there are a ton of different scales […]

Diagram showing minor 7th intervals across guitar strings.

Finding Sevenths On Guitar

August 8, 2023

When it comes to intervals in music, the 7th is the biggest one before you get to an octave and start going around again. Knowing where common intervals fall across guitar strings is a useful skill to have for both improvising and working out guitar chords quickly and easily. This guitar lesson looks specifically at […]

What Is A Blues Turnaround?

August 6, 2023

Blues music is usually played over a 12 bar pattern. That’s usually. Blues music doesn’t need to be over 12 bars, but you’ll find that a lot of Blues music is played over 12 bars. Until you find the whole bunch of Blues songs that are over 10 bars. Or some other number. Or a Blues song […]

Diagram of a guitar neck showing different pentatonic scale patterns across the neck.

How To Connect Minor Pentatonic Patterns Across The Guitar Neck

July 31, 2023

So you know all the basic minor pentatonic scale patterns for guitar. Well done! Knowing, and understanding, these scale patterns is important in being able to improvise and generally play lead guitar. However, knowing minor pentatonic scale patterns in isolation is just the first step. Once you know the patterns, then it’s important to be […]