Scales And Note Finding: A Review

September 28, 2023

So part of running this site goes beyond just writing about guitar and giving some guitar tips. I run this website because I like the guitar and I like writing about it, but I also like helping people learn more about the guitar. Part of helping people learn more about the guitar is understanding what […]

Diagram of a guitar neck showing different pentatonic scale patterns across the neck.

How To Connect Minor Pentatonic Patterns Across The Guitar Neck

July 31, 2023

So you know all the basic minor pentatonic scale patterns for guitar. Well done! Knowing, and understanding, these scale patterns is important in being able to improvise and generally play lead guitar. However, knowing minor pentatonic scale patterns in isolation is just the first step. Once you know the patterns, then it’s important to be […]

Diagram of a E shape Blues pentatonic for guitar.

How To Play Minor Blues Pentatonic Scales On Guitar

June 28, 2023

The Blues pentatonic scale (sometimes also called the minor Blues scale) is, as you can probably guess, a type of pentatonic scale used for Blues music. However, you’re welcome to use this scale to spice up soloing and lead lines in other types of music, especially Jazz and Rock music. Before jumping into this scale, […]

How To Play Major Pentatonic Scales On Guitar

June 19, 2023

Getting to know your guitar scales is a great step to improvising and writing lead lines. Knowing your scales is also helpful in generally understanding lead lines and riffs from the songs you love. This lesson goes of the major pentatonic scale shapes. As the name would suggest, these are pentatonic scales based on the […]

How To Practice Minor Pentatonic Scales

June 9, 2023

So you’ve read my article on the minor pentatonic shapes for guitar. Great, you know them. Now what? In that article I spent about three sentences on tips for practicing the minor pentatonic scale. This article aims to go into a little bit more depth to get you jamming away on minor pentatonics. Now, this […]

Scale diagram showing the Em pentatonic pattern on guitar.

How To Play Minor Pentatonic Scales On Guitar

May 26, 2023

Although a lot of guitar is based around chords, knowing your scales is also important part of playing guitar. Scales come in a variety of flavours: major scales, minor scales, pentatonic (both major and minor) and more. When starting out with scales on guitar, I suggest starting with the minor pentatonic scale. If you’re here […]