Diagram showing minor 7th intervals across guitar strings.

Finding Sevenths On Guitar

August 8, 2023

When it comes to intervals in music, the 7th is the biggest one before you get to an octave and start going around again. Knowing where common intervals fall across guitar strings is a useful skill to have for both improvising and working out guitar chords quickly and easily. This guitar lesson looks specifically at […]

Diagram of a 6th interval on guitar.

Finding Sixths On Guitar

July 26, 2023

A 6th is a musical interval that spans 9 semitones (9 frets) for a major 6th and 8 semitones (8 frets) for the minor 6th. What interesting about the minor 6th is that it appears in the natural minor and the harmonic minor, but not the melodic minor. This article isn’t about minor scales though; I’ll […]

Guitar fretboard diagram showing the interval of a fourth on a single string.

Finding Fourths On Guitar

July 18, 2023

In music, an interval is just the space between two notes, usually relating back to the difference in relation to a major scale. So, for example, the interval of a 3rd is four semitone (4 frets). The interval of a 4th is 5 semitones (5 frets) because a major scale, starting at the root (1) […]

Diagram showing 2nds on the guitar fret board.

Finding Seconds On Guitar

June 26, 2023

While a 2nd is not as common a musical interval as some, like everything, it’s important to be able to find intervals on guitar. Finding chord intervals like a 3rd or a 5th are probably the most important ones to know, so once you know those, what next? Let’s talk about 2nds. Compared to some […]

Diagram of a guitar fretboard showing intervals of a 5th of across the strings.

Finding Fifths On Guitar

June 13, 2023

Know where and how musical intervals appear on guitar is an important skill to have. Not only does this help with improvising, know your intervals also help with chord finding, generally finding notes on the guitar, and more. By now you probably know that a chord is made up of the 1st, 3rd, and 5th […]

Diagram showing major third intervals across the guitar neck.

Finding Thirds On The Guitar

June 6, 2023

A musical interval is the difference between two different notes. Knowing how these intervals appear on the guitar and how to play them is key to progressing with the instrument. Knowing your intervals helps with soloing, finding chords, and more. This lesson goes into simply finding thirds but not really how to use them (that […]

Diagram of octaves on the guitar.

Finding Octaves On The Guitar

June 3, 2023

Learning how to find intervals quickly on guitar is important for generally playing, improvising, and enjoying the instrument. I’ve gone through how to find notes on the guitar, which should give you some understanding of the fretboard. Continuing from generally finding notes, being able to find intervals is also important. Let’s start with finding octaves. […]