Chord diagram for an F chord on guitar.

How To Play An F Chord On Guitar

October 24, 2023

If you’re relatively new to guitar and made your way through open guitar chords, you’ve probably tried your hand at barre chords. When first getting started on barre chords, a lot of new players already begin to struggle with the F chord. In this lesson, I’ll tear apart the F chord, as played in the […]

What Are Power Chords

October 3, 2023

So you want to find out about power chords? You’re in the right place. In this guitar lesson, I’ll cover what a power chord is, a bit of music theory behind power chords, and how to play them. Basically this article is a one stop shop for all things power chord related. Before I get […]

You Don’t Have To Play The Whole Chord

September 1, 2023

So your typical guitar has six strings on it and, after learning your open chord shapes, you’ll realise that chords are usually played on all six, five, or just four strings. But do you really need all those strings? Not really. And I’m not talking about power chords. Nor am I talking about being minimalistic […]

Guitar chord diagram showing a C/G chord.

A Fun G To C/G Trick

July 24, 2023

After writing about my lazy F trick, it got me thinking about another guitar chord trick that I like to use when playing between a G and C chord. With this guitar trick, you’ll be able to easily move between a G and a C chord while also playing a kind of fun bass part […]

The Lazy F Chord

July 23, 2023

As you’re getting to know your way around the guitar, you’ll come to realise that there are a lot of different ways to play the same guitar chord, even in the same position. One of these alternative guitar chord voicings is what I like to call the “lazy F.” It’s a slightly easier way to […]

Using Slash Chords To Transition Between Chords

July 8, 2023

A slash chord is a chord where the bass note is different from the chord root. If you’re not familiar with slash chords already, I suggest reading my introduction to slash chords on guitar. In that article I run through some common slash chords and help readers generally get their head around the chords themselves. […]

Guitar chord diagram showing an A chord.

An Alternative A And D Chord Shape

June 21, 2023

Once you know open guitar chord shapes, there are a lot of easy guitar songs that you can play (as well as more difficult guitar songs for that matter). Know barre chords opens the fretboard up to allow you to play any chord you can think of, as long as it’s just made of the […]

Guitar chord diagram showing a D/F# chord

How To Play Slash Chords On Guitar (Getting Started)

June 14, 2023

While the guitar can be a great instrument for playing lead lines and riffs, it’s also very well suited to playing chords. There are so many different guitar chords out there, you can get completely lost (in a good way) diving into different voicings, additions, subtractions, and more. Each different chord type has its own […]

Guitar chord diagrams of the E7 shape.

How To Play 7th Chords On Guitar

June 2, 2023

Let’s talk 7th chords, specifically dominant 7th chords. The dominant 7th is what you’ll most likely encounter in most rock, blues, and generally popular music, so it’s a type of chord you should learn and understand first before moving onto major 7ths and other chord variations. Of course, before you learn these chords, you should […]